Most fire doors in non-domestic buildings will require signage. Signage must be clearly visible, the recommended height for fire door signage is 1500 mm. Fire door signs must be installed in order to comply with Health & Safety Regulations.

Signage must never be fixed to glazing.

Metal disks and plastic adhesive signs are both acceptable.

Blue signs indicate that it is a mandatory instruction. For example, Fire Door Keep Shut is a mandatory instruction. You need to be very careful with signage as some blue signs are produced that are not acceptable as they include ambiguous statements or instructions that are not mandatory, just preferred by the building occupiers.

An example of this is ‘Keep Fire Door Locked at Night’. This is not mandatory instruction.

This course recommends the use of three signs only:

  1. Fire door keep shut (cross-corridor doors, lobby doors)
  2. Fire door keep locked (doors that are kept locked most of the time e.g. cleaner’s cupboard)
  3. Automatic fire door keep clear (for doors that are held open by a hold-open device)

These three signs cover all uses of fire doors in the UK.

Signage must be fitted to both sides of the fire door apart from doors with Fire Door Keep Locked on them.

Fire door signage is not needed on flat entrance doors, the inside of houses and hotel rooms.